RossDraws Legacy Tutorials

All tutorials below come with the Bootcamp Legacy+ membership and focus on different aspects of digital painting & come with video demos, PSDs, process images, and hi-res illustrations!

✦ Mastercourse Collection 

Includes all 4 lessons from the series
- Portrait Design
- Character Illustration
- Landscape Design
- Storytelling Design

Personal + AFK Arena 

I take you through the process of one of my official commissions. From concept to feedback & note implentation.



Painting walk-through of my official commission from Blizzard! A special guest Eliza Ivanova joins me for Industry art talk!



Character focused Illustration focusing on workflow and using photo assets to help bring a piece to life.



A personal illustration focused on storytelling through different moods & experimentation.


Goth Witch 

The audience suggested key words that helped create this character illustration! Takes you through my process and teaching how to add effects + visual graphics effectively.


Includes 2 video demos during my Graduation era: Environment Design + Experimental Portrait Design



A personal illustration focusing on an environmental layered piece featuring a character. I teach using photo assets + textures + using light!


A character illustration teaching painting gesture + flow along with adding magic/visual textures to enhance the impact of your pieces.


Using different techniques of texture, light and color to help craft aesthetic portraits.



I focus on painting with different textures, making intuitive decisions, and themes!


Yellow Leaves 

A special video tutorial talking art business with special guest Peter Mohrbacher!


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