Digital Art Bootcamp 

Below is the complete syllabus for the standard course which includes 23 full-length classes! New classes will be added every now and then for FREE!

Chapter 1: 
Concept Illustration from Reference

Class 1: Portraits
Class 2: Costume & Characters

Chapter 2:
Figures & Anatomy

Class 1: Flow & Gesture
Class 2: Quick Anatomy (Construction)

Chapter 3:
Character Concepts + Poses

Class 1: Stylized Dynamic Gesture
Class 2: Poses From Imagination

Chapter 4:
Drawing Like the Masters

Class 1: Contemporary Master Study
Class 2: Classical Master Study

Chapter 5:
Foundations Elevation

Class 1: Digital Landscape
Class 2: Painting Heads

Chapter 6:
Concept Illustration

Class 1: Character & Environment (Part 1)
Class 2: Character & Environment (Part 2)

Chapter 7:
Creative Character Design

Class 1: Imaginative Design Exploration
Class 2: Character Rendering


Chapter 8:
Cinematic Masterstudies

Class 1: Value & Form
Class 2: Color & Mood

Chapter 10: 
Cinematic Illustration

Class 1: Finale Keyframe (Part 1)
Class 2: Finale Keyframe (Part 2)

Chapter 11:
Storytelling with Special Guest Devin Elle Kurtz

Class 1: Exploration for Illustration
Class 2: Painting a Shift in Time

Chapter 12:
RossDraws Special Elective Classes

Class 1: Shape Design Theory + Landscape Speed Painting Techniques
Class 2: Advanced Character Illustration (Time Saving Techniques)

Chapter 13:
Color & Light 101

Every now and then, new classes will be added to the Bootcamp for FREE!


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